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Complementary food for dogs. All our cookies are made with the atmost care for quality.
We use human grade ingredients, to ensure healthy products.
All the fruits used in our cookies come in a puree form or in fresh pieces.
There is NO ADDED SALT and there are NO ADDED SUGARS.
We do NOT use Palm oil. We do NOT use artificial colours and we do NOT use preservatives.
All our products are low in fat and are vegan.

Composition: corn flour, soft wheat flour type ¨o¨, high oleic sunflower oil,mango puree, vanilla flavor

Analytical constituents: crude protein 9.7%, crude fiber 0.45%, crude oils and fats 7.8%, crude ash 0.58%

Contents: 400g

Instructions for use: administer according to the size of the dog.
Always leave fresh water available for the dog.
Storage: once opened, keep the product at room temperature.
The production batch and expiry date are indicated on the packaging.
Product not intended for human consumption.


All Woolf Snacks are certified HACCP, BRC, ISO 22000, ISO 9001.

Store in a cool and dry place. Not for human consumption. Suitable for all sizes of dog.


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