Woolf Cubes  semi-moist snacks made with fresh and natural ingredients to guarantee a higher quality. They have a high content of fresh meat and are cooked at low temperature to preserve all their properties. Its texture makes it more tender and palatable for puppies or older dogs without teething.

Semi-moist Woolf Snacks for dogs, made without colorants, preservatives or chemical additives. Healthy option to reward your dog for a good deed or to offer as a snack between meals.

Monoprotein dog snacks are highly recommended for pets with food allergies or intolerances. 

Woolf Cubes bags have a comfortable zip that allows you to close the bag tightly keeping all its properties intact.

Made in Spain (EU).

WOOLF Soft Cubes - Turkey

WOOLF Soft Cubes - Duck

WOOLF Soft Cubes - Lamb

WOOLF Soft Cubes - Beef

WOOLF Soft Cubes - Goat

WOOLF Soft Cubes - Salmon

WOOLF Soft Cubes - Mediterranean Fish

WOOLF Soft Cubes - Iberian Pork

WOOLF Soft Cubes - Deer

WOOLF Soft Cubes - Horse

WOOLF Soft Cubes - Rabbit

WOOLF Soft Cubes - Iberian Pork

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