Become a stockist

Becoming a stockist for Woolf Snacks is a great business opportunity. These snacks are high-quality and produced with great care and attention to nutrition and flavour. If you’re interested in the possibility of becoming a stockist, you will need to understand and comply with our commercial policy. First of all, it is part of our policy not to sell to individual buyers. As a stockist you will only be selling in bulk to businesses.
The second thing to consider is what businesses to sell to. You’ll have ample autonomy on this choice, but there are some important limits. Selling to big retailers, such as Amazon, EBay, Pets at Home, or Pets Corner, is not permitted. Selling to online retailers in general is not allowed. Your target clientele will be local businesses owners, such as garden centers, groomer’s, and small pet shops.
This policy is mandatory and not a simple guideline or request. Failure to comply with these terms will unfortunately result in cancellation of your order and the termination of the business relationship, with no further transactions or orders in the future.

To find out more information on how to become a stockist please do not hesitate to contact us.
TEL 0208 393 1225
MOB 07525650095